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Lions Cave Camp, Samburu marks a departure from the agricultural highlands of the Mount Kenya region and is the beginning of the vast lowlands of northern Kenya inhabited by nomadic pastoralists whose livestock co-exist alongside the wildlife. Here, the temperatures become hotter and arid landscape, punctuated by striking rock formations and the mighty Ewaso Nyiro River the Northern Kenya’s largest river and lifeline to wildlife, people and livestock throughout year.


The tribes are the indigenous nomadic tribes and custodians of the northern part of Kenya. Guests have the unique opportunity to witness, interact with and learn from one of the oldest remaining tribe’s cultures in Africa. Our guides are Samburu warriors who are professionally qualified, but more importantly, who share their authentic local knowledge, ancient traditions and customs with guests.



The camp currently has, Three Cottages, Six Tents, all-Ensuite and all of them facing the river. With a total of 18 beds; The tent and cottages design and location offer the guests with serene and breeze stay.


The Camp has 3 Luxury Eco Cottages that are open and spacious, each with spectacular views over Ewaso Nyiro River and Mount Kenya. The Three en-suite cottages have a very unique character and style, and blends beautifully into its surroundings.
Cottage One - Is a double with a family bed perfect for couples and a family on their holiday or honeymooners. A romantic refuge for a honeymoon couple

Cottage Two - has one big family bed and one single bed for a small family with parents and one child, perfect for a small family with one child and would be happy to share one room together.

Cottages Three - has one big family bed with two single beds, perfect for a family with two children and happy to share one room as a family. an adventurous escape for a family of three.

Standard Tents

We have 4 standards tents that offers either a double bed for couples or twin bed for friends who would like to share one room but with their own respective beds. The tents are all en-suite with outdoor showers and toilets with unique exceptional experience.

Ngong Tent

We also have 2 Small Tents (Ngong Tent), the only different with standard is the size of the tent, also provide either a double bed for couples or twin bed, are also en-suite with outdoor showers and toilets with unique exceptional experience. It’s a provision for guest who are on budget and still enjoy our exceptional experience.

Restaurant Area

Experience our Scenic, Serene and Calm Restaurant Area, We offer a serene restaurant area with exceptional ambience which is exclusive for our guest and is easily accessible form their rooms.



Lions Cave Camp offers a fabulous range of exciting activities for everyone, an experience in Kenya’s remote North from exploring the wilderness on foot with exception views of the Ewaso Nyiro Banks Rock formation, stunning natural Swimming pool in the river Bank on a natural rock formation, Game drives to the famous Samburu, Buffalo springs and Shaba National Reserves.

Cultural Experience

Learn from the local people, visit the community, their homes and experience the authentic traditional Samburu, Turkana and Rendile Cultural and Camping experience

Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Lions Cave camp is located just 15 minutes from Samburu, Bufallo Springs and Shaba National Reserves. The three reserves house Elephants, reticulated Giraffes, Lions, Cheetah, Leopards, Gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra’s, Beisa Oryx, baboons, warthogs, Grant Gazelle, dik-diks, impalas and many more. Besides all these wildlife there are over 350 species of birds. And the river contains a large number of Nile Crocodiles. such a game drives to the three reserves which you can use one ticket to visit the three reserves per day.


The mountain has two names. Ol Lolokwe and Ol Donyo Sabachi and is in Samburu District just north of the Samburu National Reserve on the Ewaso Nyiro river and just off the Nairobi – Marsabit highway. Its name, Ol Olokwe, when directly translated to English simply means Sacred Mountain. From suitable hilltops on a clear day one could see a fantastic view of the fabled NFD and many hills and ranges. The scenic safari experience goes beyond our location as we offer ‘Sacred Mountain’ day excursions up Mt. Ololokwe. Mt. Kulal, Ndoto, Nyiro, Mathew ranges and Marsabit. And far reaching experience to Lake Turkana


This is a community conservation initiative designed to rescue and release orphaned and abandoned elephant calves, whilst creating much needed benefits to the local Samburu community that live alongside them. It’s an ever-growing movement of grass roots level, community focused conservation which is gaining huge momentum in Northern Kenya, and a new wave of wildlife protection.


We offer camping experience, where guests have a serene camping ground with their own tents and they are provided with water and clean flashing toilets and showers.


Some of Our Guests


We accept children of all ages and Cottages Reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk and Grevys zebra accommodate families up to 2 children in a room with the parents comfortably

Honeymooners and Couples

All our Cottages and tents are set away from each other making an ideal romantic home in the bush for couples.

Special Interest Travellers

Exclusive vehicle use with no set schedule makes for very happy photographers, birders or other special interest travellers.

Friends and Groups

Book any of our Cottages and tents for groups up to 12 people and enjoy exclusive use of the river deck for communal meals. All Cottages have a balcony that offers a nice sitting area with perfect view over the river with the water falls and a serene natural environment in the background. From your balcony, you can spot numerous birds and occasionally alligators, crocodiles in the river. It also provides enough space to put down 2 or even 3 yoga matts for those that like to start their day stretching their body.


Have a Unique & Unforgettable Experience in your Lifetime!


This region is home to an abundance of wildlife with large herds of diverse wildlife.


Sip sundowner on the open balcony with Ewaso Nyiro River as your back drop.


See the great rock formations on the Ewaso Nyiro river basin. Enough for you to go Wow!


Thank you so much Daniel and Rose! We felt so comfy and really enjoyed our stay at your place! It was so good to have such an easy access to the river


Wow such a beautiful little paradise in the middle of Archer’s post! We had a stunning view from our tent over the river and could enjoy sunrise and sunset from there. The beds were super comfy and clean




The breakfast that is included is deliciouuuus! Sooo many fruits! The best thing for us was the easy access to the river with so many different spots to swim or chill or to do yoga! Such an important asset in a warm place like archer’s post! Daniel, Rose and all the staff have been amazing to us. Beautiful attention during our whole stay. Asante sana!"


A great experience in a fine location. A comfortable bed in a tent high above the Ewaso Ngiro River, just a few minutes by boda-boda or car on a well-maintained dirt road from the matatu stop in Archer's Post. Sunbirds, starlings, hornbills, bee-eaters and others in the surrounding bush; spoonbills, herons, egrets and others foraging below; kites and fish eagles above; monitor and agama lizards; baboons across and in the river, same with vervets.


Come see the Memorable night Sky, Sunbirds, starlings, hornbills, bee-eaters and others in the surrounding bush
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