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Distinct Luxury Camp

Lions Cave Camp is owned by Daniel and Roseline Letoiye

The Camp owns a portfolio of distinct luxury camp in the most beautiful locations in Northern Kenya. The couple Descended from pastoral samburu community, in northern central Kenya. They spent their childhood on the northern Kenya landscape herding their parent’s livestock as they interact with wildlife before going to school.

Mutual Love for the Landscape

The couple share a mutual love of the landscape and its Wildlife.

With a lifetime of growing interacting with their pastoral community, livestock and wildlife, the couples share a mutual love of the landscape and its wildlife and have dedicated their lives to protecting it. Their family is everything to them, and along with their four children, they spend several months each year sharing the incredible wilderness of their home country with their guests. Their deep-rooted and intimate knowledge of Kenya’s wildlife, culture and environment allow them to offer a truly immersive experience, which is not just about seeing ‘The Big Five’ but is one which will enable people to capture the true spirit of the landscape.

Passion For Sharing

A passion for sharing the magic of Africa with the world.

Lion’s cave was founded out of a passion for sharing the magic of Africa with the world. Our mission is to be the company that continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate; Environmental, Social, Economic and self-fulfilment needs of our guests and shareholders to achieve sustainable growth. We uphold sustainable environmental practices while making a significant contribution to the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife, cultures and ecosystems.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

Daniel designed the camp style to embrace the northern frontier heat and the expansive surrounding landscape; open archways allow for a cooling breeze to flow through as well as stunning vistas out onto the savannah and mountains beyond. The design compliments Lion’s cave open, thatch roof, all of which enables guests to stay comfortable and cool

Our Camp Is Recommended For

  • Nature lovers
  • Honeymooners
  • Amateur photographers
  • Anyone and everyone


Daniel Letoiye

Daniel is Kenyan, and a long-standing passionate conservationist inspired by his early interaction with wildlife growing up in the Northern Kenya Highlands of Samburu. He is founding member of Westgate Conservancy in Northern Kenya which he managed for over Eight years. Daniel holds, a Masters’ of Science Degree in Conservation and Rural Development at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE), University of Kent (UK). Currently pursuing P.h.d in Environmental Policy at University of Nairobi (UON). In May 2013, Daniel was awarded the Whitley Award by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne at the Royal Geographical Society, London. The award recognized his outstanding conservation leadership and exemplary performance in conservation of Grevy’s Zebra in Northern Kenya and free Ranging Livestock.

Roseline Letoiye

Roseline has a wealth of experience on the business world beside other past experiences. Having been in the business sector for over ten years. Her wealth of experience is brought into the management of the camp to ensure clients are offered the best experience as they stay in Lion’s Cave Camp.

If you are thinking of staying at Lions cave camp and want to explore further a-field, our recommended itineraries, which include lions cave, could be just what you are looking for. Or talk to us about creating a customized itinerary just for you.


Kenya and particularly Samburu has so much to offer throughout the year, especially for photographers. During the rainy seasons (April – May and Oct – Nov) expect stormy dramatic skies, vibrant green grass across the rangelands and this is also a great time to capture the variety of migratory birds as well as mammal offspring. Each month has its own fortune unique to that time of the year waiting to be caught on camera.


Our Prices

Summer Vacations

From $45 pp

Bed and Breakfast Option

Full Board Option


Lion’s Cave is heavily focused on sustainability and giving back.

Lion’s Cave is heavily focused on sustainability and giving back. It is at the heart and soul of everything we do. Our ethos is to be low impact, community and conservation orientated to the core and to have a significant positive influence on the people and environment around us. We look forward to supporting conservation and community development through a few carefully chosen projects, all of which directly conserve wildlife, addressing the primary causes of their decline and meeting the most important needs of the surrounding communities

How Do You Help

Your Contribution will go a long Way!

We believe that the best, most effective and most immediate way to help both the conservation of wildlife and the interests of the communities who own the land where safaris take place is to visit us. Making nature a profitable business is an important way to ensure its long-term survival. Your presence at Lion’s Cave also creates jobs (100% of our staff come from the Local community). However, if you are interested in making a special contribution to the community around us; Please contact us by writing to Lion’s Cave CEO at